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The Tom Green Show Collectibles & Swag Archive

Now that you are a big Tom Green Show fan, you need to get your hands on some of the collectibles that will prove you are a "big fan".. and not just someone that casually watches the show. I have scoured the planet looking for Tom Green show collectibles, and offer some glimpses into my private Tom Green show collection archive. What does the term "Swag" mean? Its British for "stuff" I think. In the movie "Ronin" after one of the first car chases of the movie.. the Scottish character goes "We got the Swag.. Kept the money" So there you have it. Was that not the best description in the world? More collectibles will be added in the future..



Huh? Stiffenin Against the wall
A&M Records 1992

What is it: A highly sought after Tom Green collectible. Long since out of print, people own it either had it back in the day.. or found it at a used cd store. Tom is on the left by the way. Followed by Dj Signal, and Pin (the chameleon). The video for "Check the O.R" has been played a few times over the past 2 years on Much Music... If you have a copy of the video, that is a collectible as well. Glenn Humplik has a copy, he proved this on netmeeting one day, took it off his shelf and smiled. Derek Harvie, and Phil Giroux are thanked in the CD, as well as Glenn Humplick (they call him scary, and notice the spelling mistake..). Recently a rap compilation CD was put out showcasing big acts of the early 90s. Grouped with ICE-T and MC Hammer, is the O.R. This will only increase the value of this piece.. its the real deal, not a re-hash

Market Value:
CD: 50-70 Canadian dollars
TAPE: 20 bucks (I havent seen it)
VINYL: Again I havent seen, but I assume more than the CD

CD Booklet Signed by Tom Green

What is it: If you are lucky enough to have found the CD, then you must be friggin lucky if you got Tom Green to sign it. Usually people sign the current date next to the Autograph. Tom signs either 1996, or 1992. This is the rare 1996 version.

Market Value: Priceless. You know like those mastercard commercials?

Signed by Tom, dirtied by me
hangs on my closet

The Tom Green Show Promotional Poster
98-99 "Green to the extreme"

What is it: Plastered across Toronto around November-December of 1998 were these attractive little posters. Measuring in at 17" High and 13" wide, these posters were able to be stuck just about anywhere. I came upon mine after Tom's MC gig at the infamous "Rivoli comedy showcase". After the public left the comedy network allowed some fans to grab a few copies. A poster also exists that is double if not triple the size of this poster; and was used to cover the door of the rivoli club, as well perhaps used to decorate Comedy network executives offices? After MTR entertainment mailed me back my 8mm footage I shot for the Tom Green show (the fire truck stuff), they included this rare large version in an envelope just for me. It was folded very nicely

Market Value:
5-15$ for small variety
20-25$ for large variety

The Tom Green Show Promotional Poster
98-99 "Green to the extreme" signed edition

What is it: Same poster as above, except signed by "Tom Green show" cast members: Tom Green, Glenn Humplik, and Derek Harvie. Personalized with "Hey A.J" by Derek Harvie, and "AJ, we love u" by Glenn Humplik. Please note the more common "1992" version of Tom Green's signature.

Market Value: Priceless, more valued than a babe ruth autograph, but certainly not better than a Jim J. Bulloch autograph.

a prized poster
jovial j-roo

Phil "J-Roo" Giroux 8x10"
98 Wheelchair autographed Photo

What is it: Phil Giroux loves to laugh at the less fortunate, one day as Tom and Phil searched the local hospitals for funny material Phil sat down in a wheelchair and asked to have is picture taken. A sick, yet funny man.

The Truth: While in Ottawa, Phil was surrounded by so many girls I couldnt get an autograph from him. He didnt come to Toronto for the Rivoli comedy showcase night, so my above poster is sadly lacking his autograph, leaving me no choice than to make this horrible digital autograph seen to the left.

Market Value: Nothing, although the picture itself is hilarious
If non faked: 10-15$

Toronto Sun TV Magazine
January 10-16 1999

What is it: Every sunday in the Toronto Sun, there is a cheap free tv guide. This week had Tom on the cover.. with the same face he makes on the comedy network posters, and the annoying "shock comic" term used to describe Tom so many times before. Inside contains picture of the Bullard rotting racoon incident, and highlights of the upcoming second season on the comedy network. The rest of this magazine is useless, and the newsprint wears off on your fingers

Market Value: 3-5 bucks. Many people saw it as an instant collectible, and since everyone else was thinking the same thing, the market value dropped on this item. If you got this signed, then add 15 bucks to it.

crappy free tv magazine from canada
the best magazine article thus far

Chart Magazine March 1999 Issue #104
Tom Green "Crazy Conquering Canuck" cover

What is it: The first really well done article I have ever read dealing with Tom and the show. Also a nation wide magazine that is NOT FREE, and infact costs money. The article has some really good pictures, along with informative information about the MTV deal, and the history of Tom and the show.. a must have for all Tom Green show fans; plus a cool Queens of the Stoneage article is thrown in.. you cant beat that! The author of the article Sean K Robb emailed me to tell me that the article was out, but never emailed me back re: my request for a free issue. (Note: Tom must make funny faces on the cover of magazines)

Market Value: Since its run 6 months ago, the value has increased from 2.95$, to a respectable 15.50$
A perfect item to get signed. If you have it signed, add another 20$ to the market value.


Phil Giroux and Glenn Humplik Underwear
Framed, Sealed, Authentic, and Autographed.

What is it: In a word. Gross. In another word, the brainchild of 2 sickmen: Glenn and Phil. Seeking beer money, and to satisfy the urge: "can we do this and get away with it?" the 2 men set off to sell their undergarments on the online auction site known as The bids actually started and kept going. A young lady won the underwear.. either Glenns or Phils (they were sold seperate). In the end Glenns underwear would prevail as the highest bid earner (briefs are better)

Market Value: How can you put a value on such priceless items? Bought close to 8 years ago, and worn several times monthly.. they were certainly used items. Actually they were against's policy (no selling undergarments). I would say 50$ for Glenns, 35$ for Phils. Glenn, when you mailed your item to the girl, you didnt pack it well: The framing was wrecked upon arrival. Drop the value to 47$. For shame .

Under the pants lies a scheme
the Effigy by Effie

Glenn Humplik full size replica (aka: Effigy de Hump)
and 1/8th size Derek Harvie Doll

What is it: A Doll made in the likeness of Tv's favorite side kick.. Glenn Humplik. Made by resident fanactic Effie Carson, the doll was used for a recent Tom Green show chat room meet, and was seen coast to coast on Canada's late night talk show "Open Mike with Mike Bullard". Bullard made fun of Effie for bringing the Doll to the taping. The Derek doll has the same history as the Glenn one except its smaller.. and was given to Derek Harvie in person by the Carsons.

Market Value: Hump would fetch 75$ +, but the tough part is to gain ownership from the original creators. Same with the Harvie doll: 15$.

Tom Green Autographed Bull Horn
Sold by MTV on Ebay for Charity.

What is it: Billed as an "actual" bullhorn used by Tom to harrass people in one of the segments shot for the MTV show in the United States. Signed with the more common 1992 (am I the only one with a 96 autograph?) The item was a hot seller on ebay, infact it closed somewhere above 1000$ US. Most of these bids were fake, and entered by dickheads

Market Value: Lets be realistic. Toms still alive. A bullhorn can be bought at Radio Shack for 60$. There is no actual proof this was used in a segment. Ill go as high as rating this item in the 150$ + range. If you paid above that for this item, you must really like Tom Green (or charity)

ebay = money
Horace Harvie does Berlin

Pornographic pictures of Derek Harvies great grandfather; Horace Harvie
Source Unknown

What is it: A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one is no exception. Here we have a piece of pornography from the early 1920's in Germany. Horace Harvie is pictured with a young prostitute named Audrey. The actual image does not have the little "censored" boarders, but this is a family friendly website.

Market Value: Thankfully a picture is not worth a thousand dollars, and this picture comes in at about 50$. Reprints usually fetch this price, as the original is no longer available. When asked for a comment on the picture, young Derek Harvie replied "I want you dead AJ". Be proud of your pornographic past Derek.

Fab: Toronto's Gay Magzine
featuring Tom Green

What is it: a local FREE newspaper magazine in Toronto featured Tom on the cover. Deals with Gay issues I suppose, and I never saw any of these where I normally pick up my free local papers. Why? Some dick on ebay sold one of these a week for at least 4 months. They must have them all hoarded.

Market Value: Is Tom gay? No. Do gay people like him? Who cares. I wouldnt pay more than 50 cents for this magazine. And thats Canadian currency. Same exact photo used for the Toronto Sun TV guide cover decreases value even more. Still the fact Tom is on the cover of a gay magazine is hilarious.

Thats all for now: Im currently getting a headache from looking at the screen, so expect more Tom Green show collectibles to follow in the future.. including a real Glenn Humplik Polaroid, Tom Green beard trimmings, Glenn Humplik and Derek Harvie dolls, and Natalies autographs from Ottawa where Phil tells her: "dont smoke drugs" Oh that crazy Phil.