Joey L. Jeremiah.. the L is for love!JOEY JEREMIAH
The lovable guy who always wore that hat. One, if not the most popular character in the Degrassi universe. He once conceived a plan to buy a car by taking bets against his walking through the Degrassi cafeteria naked; his plan would've worked, but Duane (the Aids guy) tipped off Mr. Raditch.. for shame. Joey played keyboards in The Zit Remedy (who later became "The Zits" in high school), and was a full school year behind Snake and Wheels (after failing grade 8). He was the ladies man.. Always attempting to pick up the chicks (a smoothie is what he was). He dated Caitlin off and on.. and hoped to eventually marry her.. but his newly discovered sex drive got the better of him one summer. Joey ended up cheating on  goddess Caitlin for the not only loose, but wide open Tessa Campineli. His reasoning that it wasn't wrong? She asked him out.. Not the other way around! (Classic).

Later that summer, Snake killed the Joey/Caitlin relationship,after months of Joey's taunts and jokes (that he couldnt laid with the ladies) by accidentally telling Caitlin about Joey "Fucking" Tessa. And with that moment, the Degrassi Universe as we know it began to crumble. Caitlin's replies: "WHAT??? YOU FUCKED TESSA CAMPINELLI?".. Yes. Yes he did, and as a result he paid for it: big time. Joey loses Caitlin, loses his best friends, and to top it all off...Tessa got pregnant. Joey!. What were you thinking?.. Many people outside of Canada, usually do not remember "Schools out" the Degrassi High 2 hour movie/series finale.. and that really is too bad. It is usually played on Showcase television in Canada, and will hopefully be available to buy on dvd one day. For you fans of films that are cool but end on a down note (ala Empire Strikes Back), check this one out.

SUCCESS: Joey (Pat Mastroianni) is the most successful member of the Degrassi cast. After Degrassi he went on to star in a show called "Liberty Street" which lasted 2 seasons on the CBC. It was to have originally starred both Pat and Stacie (Caitlin) Mistysyn, but fearing type casting (always being Pat's girlfriend) to the max, Stacie bailed on the project. After that series ended; Pat went on to host a weekly half hour musical show called "Music Works" on the CBC: which showcased up and coming bands from Canada . The show enjoyed success, and has recently wrapped up a new 2001 season of the show; again with Pat hosting. You may also have seen Pat driving a car in that Honda commercial with "who let the dogs out" playing. Once upon a time, I thought that Pat worked delivering Pizza's in downtown Toronto, because I saw him once and he was delivering pizza's downtown.. But, alas, it was just someone that looked like him, Pat emailed me and set me straight (my bad)

UPDATE: Since what I reported above (about him delivering pizza) wasn't true, Pat emailed me to set me straight:
"The name is Pat Mastroianni and just to let you know since the death of Liberty Street I've been living in Hollywood persuing my career not delivering pizza. And if you want you can check me out in the new Godzilla flick, how's that for a Canadian has been. No hard feelings AJ I just wanted to help update your site. Peace ."

2006 UPDATE:  Thank goodness for Degrassi the Next Generation, Pat is again acting as Joey. Who could forget the time he said there wasnt a chance in hell he would act as Joey again. Times change I guess. Currently Pat is selling homemade Degrassi t-shirts on ebay. He is making a killing which is both cool, and sad.

Check out his website at WWW.PATMEUP.COM that I helped design and he promised to pay me. And 2 years later he has still not paid me.

Update: Pat finally sent the video! (in early 2005 - I didnt even have a working VCR by this point!) But since this flash animation took me a few days to make.. and is funny..
it stays.

Friend to Joey and Wheels, Snake was the shy giant of Degrassi. In Degrassi High, Snake was best known for discovering the suicidal corpse of Claude (pronounced CL-OO-DE). After skipping out on class to take a relaxing leak, Snake enters the bathroom..notices blood all over the floor and calls out to the stall; "hey buddy are you all right?" NOPE the person inside was not all right.. needless to say Snake suffers emotional trauma, and skips school for an entire week.

The lead guitarist of "The Zit Remedy", Snake wailed and played his heart out for the band. In the early days of Degrassi Junior High, Snake was a metal head! (he even wore vintage Iron Maiden t-shirts). Snake was known for liking all kinds of girls, but the one that really stole his heart was Melanie. . Melanie had a thing for him back in junior high as well, and the two dated a few times.. but again it didnt work out.

In DJH, we find out that Snake had a older gay brother, who was a somewhat of a basketball legend/star at Degrassi!. In the same episode that info is revealed, he was forced to take part in a class role-playing game about getting aids and transmitting it. Snake was the one who "had AIDS". Of course people made fun of him for having Aids, and the fact that he was gay (for having aids.. ahh the loveable late 1980's..). With having a newly outed gay brother, this pissed Snake off, and he picked a fight with BLT.. he lost.. big time.

He once tried to date Michelle (BLT's girlfriend), but she was a nut, and it didn't work out either.. throwing Snake into an even deeper emotional trauma.  Although smart in school, Snake couldnt pass his driving test; he flunked it several times. On the driving school course he ran over and killed several of the cardboard people used to simulate pedestrians (he also almost killed Joey who was dying of laughter).

In "Schools Out" Snake began his quest to get lucky with a chick.. Apparently Wheels had scored with some mystery woman, and Joey was getting some action from Tessa.. but Snake got nothing (he even worked as a pool life guard thinking it was a lock for getting some action). At the infamous summer party at Bronco's cottage, with basically the entire cast of Degrassi.. he informed Caitlin by accident about Joey bone'ing Tessa.. and the friendship between Snake and Joey died on the spot (at least until the next generation). On the bright side, Snake seemed to finally hook up with a chick in University (Pam).. WAY TO GO SNAKE. 

UPDATE: Stefan (Snakes real name) starred in the now defunct Canadian rock band "Scratching Post" newest video.. He played a really stalkerish fan of the band, who is obsessed with the singer Nicole. He says he has been caught "doin stuff" with her picture in his room.. he licks her picture. He's crazy sick. He's being interviewed by someone unknown.. and the rest of the music video is spent with him running around Toronto trying to make it to the Scratching Post live show (that seems to be taking place on a very busy street in Toronto.. Yonge St.) Anyway, he makes it to the show, jumps up illegally on the stage and asks the singer for an autograph while she is playing. Not the smartest move Snake. But hey! this is big time stuff for the Degrassi cast. Next to Joey, Snakes 2nd in command for "doing something".

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Snake (if you live in Canada) could be seen in a beer commercial! that's right!, It was an ad for "The Beer Store" (a store that sells beer here in Canada- how genius). Anyways, he was in the line waiting for his beer with a stupid fishing hat on. He had 1 line, and it came after the main stars had their lines.. and his was something like "Yea guys". Also: Snake was recently on cbc show "Jonovision" with Joey. He talked about being in a new cbc show called "Twitch City" I think it has already been canceled. Ah well Snake.

What can be said about our pal Wheels? He certainly ended up having the shittiest life on Degrassi. In the beginning he is dumped (given up for adoption) by his cool rock and roll dad MIKE, then he is adopted by nerdy parents (nice coke bottle frames Mr. And Mrs. Wheeler)...then he almost scores with Stephanie Kaye.. then he is forced to wear glasses.. and then his parents are tragically killed by a drunk driver, while the Zit Remedy cut their first demo tape at Joey's. All this before High School even began! Jesus Christ!!

Then if things didn't suck enough for him, Wheels was forced to go live with his severely old grandparents; the nagging grandma, and the basically dead grandpa that likes to watch wrestling on the sofa. Fed up, Wheels then went on a quest to find his real dad MIKE.. who had sent him a post card birthday wish telling him how great the crappy rock band he was in was doing in Port Hope Ontario (or Kingston, which ever you prefer). Wheels decided he should go visit his real dad. He plays Bass after all, maybe they could start a band? Ahh fantasies. On the way to see him (Wheels hitchhiked.... smart) he was picked up by an official Pedophile.. the perv touches Wheel's thighs "Come on Derek.. this will feel good". Wheels jumps out of the car, and held up a rock.. ready to strike if the pervert tried anything more. To make a long story short, Wheel's real dad didnt give a crap about him, and his crazy Grandma hauled ass up to Port Hope to bring him home.

In High school, Wheels turned to a life of crime! Lying to his grandma, and stealing change to play video games.. HE CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! He ditched the old folks and moved in with Joey for a while.. until Joey's mother started losing money (yes Wheels stole it). Wheels had a brief affair with one of the twins: Heather. He made out with her at Lucy's party, but soon after licking her tongue/stained tooth.. he decided against taking the relationship further and ignores her (why? they were so cute!)

Wheels ends his stint on Degrassi with a BANG! (in "Schools Out"). While driving to get beer for a summer party, Wheels (already drunk) gets into an accident.. Lucy (who went with him driving to help calm him down after a fight) is turned into a blind cripple, and Wheels kills a kid.. How ironic? his parents are killed.. then Wheels kills.. a.. kid.. ironic..

UPDATE: Neil "Wheels" Hope is one of only a few members of Degrassi who has successfully evaded detection in the 10 years since the shows ending. "Where in the World is Neil Hope" is a soon to be released children's PC videogame. The object is to find what happened to Neil Hope, and to get as many sightings as you can. If you see Neil Hope at a KFC in Sudbury, well BOOM... that's 100 points. If you happen to be in the same bathroom as Neil Hope in an Esso service station, well that is 5000 points. The game is exciting. and rewarding. Currently he is rumored to be living in Hamilton under the alias Pete Rothchild.

UPDATE Part Deux: Soon after the Degrassi reunion special aired on Jonovision, Neil decided he wanted to take his part of the Degrassi pie. He was featured in the Canadian (or was it the American) airing of the first episode of Degrassi the next generation. He looked about as good as the rest of the Zit remedy guys (man they aged horribly) and asked Lucy (who instead of being blind and crippled, mearly had a limp and a cane) if she would forgive him. Later he appeared in another episode that I have currently yet to see playing bowling with Snake and Joey.

Lets all sign a petition to ban AJ from the Degrassi world!CAITLIN RYAN (THE ICE PRINCESS)
The pretty, yet really smart girl that no guy could keep at Degrassi; this was Caitlin. In the early days of Degrassi, Caitlin thought she was a lesbian. Why? because Miss Avery liked her a lot, seemed to always be hanging around with a certain woman, and Caitlin had Erotic Lesbianic dreams involving Miss Avery as well. They moved on oh so quickly from that storyline, as Caitlin quickly found out that Miss Avery was merely friends with the mysterious woman, and that she hugs/kisses all her friends (can I be your friend Miss Avery?). That would have been an interesting concept, but ANYWAYS.

Caitlin also had (has) Epilepsy, and during a sleepover with the local Degrassi girls she started to have a seizure. She took some pills, and the topic never really came up again. (Yes people who email me: I remember the animal cruelty episode..) She wrote many articles for the "Degrassi Digest", and covered topics such as "Keep Spike at Degrassi", "Animal rights" and "Mr. Colby: Hot or Not".

The only mistake (some people think) Caitlin ever made was getting involved with that bad seed Joey Jeremiah. I know that Joey isn't bad, in fact he is my favorite character of the series, but lets face it; he caused Caitlin countless days of heartache and trouble... remember the infamous snub at the grade 8 dance? Joey picked Liz over Caitlin! What the hell was he drinking that night?.. Caitlin was hot!. I guess Joey figured since he was wearing his finest tuxedo (shirt), he could pick whomever he wanted... he chose wrong. She really liked Joey too, and was heartbroken for the first time by him (ohh there would be more times coming).

Caitlin got involved with Joey initially by helping him with his homework.. A romance developed, and they dated until Caitlin discovered (in Degrassi High) CLAUDE (but fear not! he kills himself). Claude ended up being an even worse influence over Caitlin.. he turned her into a "political activist". She was later arrested for spray painting a "no nukes" slogan on a nuclear bomb parts factory.. (A BOMB FACTORY IN TORONTO? ONLY ON CANADIAN TV BABY!). During the spray painting incident, Caitlin got stuck trying to escape (her breasts got caught in the barbed wire fence), and Claude could have saved her.. but didn't, left her to get arrested by the cops. She dumped him soon after that.. he blew his head off. the end.

Caitlin later discovered that her dad was cheating on her mother. Her dads excuse was "I'm going to play squash honey" nice excuse Mr. Ryan. Caitlin (aka Stacie Mistysyn) has been a part of the Degrassi cast since the very beginning.. she must also be sick and tired of DEGRASSI. But I say, stick with what you are good at doing. People love you as Caitlin, dont look back in anger, i heard you say.

Update: After months of watching the horrible (yet funny at times) Weird Science TV show shown on the Space Network in Canada, I have finally seen and taped Stacie's episode. She played girlfriend to Gary, and while she did a good job; she wasn't in the show long enough. The episode is called "Family Affair", and thankfully each Weird Science episode states the episode name as the show begins (giving you a chance to bail and go watch some Weather Network).

Real world tips: If you suspect your father is cheating on your mother, a good way to talk about it with friends is to refer to your father "playing squash" Its cryptic. Its funny... Hell, only people who have seen Degrassi will understand what you are saying. If they haven't seen the show, they will just think your dad is gay.

No wonder Im the dateless wonder!LUCY (BRAINER OF DEGRASSI)
Lucy was and will always be the brains of Degrassi. A girl with so much promise, a girl that everyone knew would do well in life. Lucy had many a adventure, and has also been with the Degrassi cast since the very beginning. Her first best friend was the nerdy  VOULA. Lucy was always left home alone, because her parents worked so much.. and this led her to a life of crime. One day Lucy, and Voula were shopping for slips or bra's.. and Lucy decided to steal one. She had done it before. It wasn't even a big deal if they got caught. They were only kids.. this was her theory anyway.  They both ended up being caught by the store security, and this pretty much killed the friendship (Voula was grounded forever basically). Lucy was once "molested" by MR. COLBY, a supply teacher that gave Lucy extra marks, and molested her by "touching her arms" ooh! now that's a crime!. Her next best friend was L.D. who got cancer. Lucy went to visit L.D. everyday, and even made home movies of herself talking about her boring stories (while L.D. recovered in hospital, and later while sailing across the world with her dad). I think Lucy was attracted to Wheels, but that went nowhere.

She started out her relationship life by going out with the nerdy black dude whose name eludes me (lets just call him CARL) and when he wanted to have sex.. she didn't, and she dumped him. Later Carl spread a crass rumor around school that Lucy was a 3 input girl (the shocker). As Carl and his best friend Clutch were already in High school, Lucy thought she was king shit hanging around with them. She even lied to her best friends telling them stories of where and what she was doing, when she was really out on a date. Lucy's friends (who thought she was doing something else the night she supposedly had sex with Carl) were very hurt and disappointed they weren't invited to the sware'. Lucy later came .. clean that is.. and said that she really didn't do anything , and that Carl was a dirty liar.

Later that year, Lucy was seduced by Clutch, who was the nerdy black guy Carl's best friend. They enjoyed a relationship for a while, until Clutch become an alcoholic drunk (yes.. they were high school kids). Clutch was dumped, but continued to pursue Lucy well into the High school years. Lucy then dated another nerdy black guy who was the president of the school. His name was Bronco (I am not making the name up this time), and they went out for the rest of the episodes of Degrassi High.

Lucy did not have a very happy future however, Wheels got into a car accident while driving Lucy to the corner store to purchase a lottery ticket or something (in School's Out), and Lucy was left blinded and paralyzed.

...She is currently living in some hospital.

Please can you come to my soccer game?.. anyone?L.D. (Lorraine Delacorte)
LD was the tom boy at Degrassi that took part in all things athletic. She also took part in refraining from all things female. Degrassi Junior High saw LD  a great swimmer, and helped propel the girls swim team to victory over the boys swim team.. she also told Melanie that she had breasts (boosting Melanie's small ego).

LD's mother died when she was very young, making her afraid of hospitals.. so when her dad goes in to the hospital for heart trouble.. LD refuses to visit him. LD's best friend was Lucy who helped her out with make up and other girly related things (since she was basically a dude). Lucy gave LD a complete makeover, clothes, hair, make-up.. the works. It must have taken hours. LD of course looked hideous when the makeover was complete. To show her gratitude to Lucy, LD walked out of Lucy's house. Waited for Lucy to go back inside, and then proceeded to take the make-up off complete with disgusted face. Nice.

In Degrassi High, LD was diagnosed with Leukemia, and had to spend almost an entire season of Degrassi bedridden.. she didn't have to do it alone however.  Lucy came to visit everyday to annoy her, with all the latest goings on at the school (Lucy would tell her about all the cool shit happening at Degrassi). Chemotherapy meant LD lost all her hair, and she started wearing a wig,  Lucy kept visiting her to make her feel even worse . The last straw came when Lucy started making home videos of all the good times at Degrassi, and bringing them to the hospital for her to see.. LD got so pissed off with Lucy that she decided to beat the cancer.. get well, then demand that her father quit his mechanic business, and take her around the world on a sail boat. Does that sound like I made it up? I didn't. The Degrassi writers actually wrote that story arc.

What did Lucy do? somehow she found a way to send constant videotape updates to a sail boat going around the world..this worked as a "dear diary" aspect for Lucy in the next season. LD was still haunted by Lucy's Degrassi videos, and I believe she is still getting updates of Lucy's life to this very day.

Boys like that sort of know, dressing as a whoreSTEPHANIE KAYE (STEPHANIE K)
Stephanie was easily one of the most important characters through the first two seasons of Degrassi Junior High. In fact the very first episode of DJH was based on Stephanie and her presidential election race at Degrassi. She played the girl who liked to dress like a whore at school. As Alexa's mother would later say of Stephanie's clothing.. "a lady of the night". In the mornings she would come to school dressed all nice and normal, then enter the bathroom, and instantly became a hooker. Joey really liked Steph in junior high, but alas Steph's heart was dedicated to Wheels.. She dated Wheels a couple of times, but it always ended in failure.. An episode that is still shown in schools around the world is where Steph, the twins, and Lucy all get drunk and go to the school dance. At the dance, right before she is to give a speech about raising money to save starving Ethiopian's, Steph throws up..

Stephanie Kaye spent her junior high years constantly vying for the attention of the boys, and she was somewhat successful. When running for Degrassi Junior High school President she gave kisses to every boy that voted for her.. wow. Another classic episode dealt with Stephanie meeting her favorite soap opera star at a signing event, and then managing to go out on a date with him. She was only 14 or something, and this guy was 28. Before the date even begins, he puts the moves on her in his car and Steph panics and says "IM ONLY 13!". Well the guy kicks her out of the car and takes off like a bat out of hell. Steph has to call her mother to pick her Lolita ass up. Near the end of the series, and after her mother conveniently wins the lottery.. she moves away to France to go to a private school.. I wonder what she is doing now?.. is she doing well? Actually I saw her in a movie on TVO.. that is good.

ALL THE WAY WITH STEPHANIE KAY! she ran, and won the school election with this very slogan.. you too can say it.. go ahead.. try it.

UPDATE: After dropping out of Degrassi, Nicole Stoffman starred in a failed sitcom with now dead exfootball player Lyle Alzado. Who died from starring in too many bad movies. On the "Degrassi" reunion special Jonovision show, Nicole caused quite the stir by appearing to be either stoned, high, or perhaps just high on life.  She is currently a well known Jazz singer in Toronto. Check out her site here

All the way with Arthur K!ARTHUR KOBALOWSKIE (the best dude on Degrassi)
So misunderstood.. This young man had much potential for being cool. He wore sweatpants. He was into magic tricks and gags, and he liked wearing berets. Had he chosen not to be such a dweeb, maybe he could have been that much needed tambourine in the ZIT REMEDY ?. His best friend was YICK (See BELOW) all throughout junior school, and for the initial few episodes of Degrassi High. Arthur was pretty smart, and his big sister was Stephanie K. After their parents divorced,  Arthur went to live with his Playboy dad (who was a crazy joke loving mailman). Young Arthur started having dreams where he "sorta... leaked? " thus  he and Yick decided to call into the  "Sex with Dr. Sally" radio show(who was really Sue Johanson.. real life Canadian sex-pert). According to Dr. Sally, Arthur was perfectly normal.

Arthur was one of a group of kids to begin learning about sex.. the hard way. He and Yick tried to get together with some friends to watch some pornography. He once walked in on his Dad, and his Dad's naked girlfriend (maybe on purpose?) and saw that they had had sex. It would be a good bet that he didnt reach first base by the end of the Degrassi series.

In the 3rd season of Degrassi Junior High, Arthur's mother wins the lottery and decides to send Stephanie Kaye away to France (for school). Perhaps the mom was stealing lottery tickets from her pharmacy? Stephanie Kaye reaps the rewards of lottery cash and all Arthur gets is a gay beret from France.  He loses all his friends in high school, and becomes the token nerd (even Alex Yankou ended up being cooler than Arthur). Who could forget when Arthur started having demented dreams about Caitlin.. Obsess much? He dreams about her everywhere; in his bed, at school, while making toast.. everywhere!. While normal guys would dream of having sex with girls, Arthur dreams about eating dinner at a nice restaurant with her.. how seriously demented is this? He even tries to win over Caitlin's heart, but she had already entered into the Claude phase (you should've tried growing a little moustache to go along with the beret Artie!).  One of Arthur's last great show moment  comes when he toilet papered MR. RADITCH's house, along with Yick. After that Arthur became a hall walker. He can be seen in the opening credits of Degrassi High making a disgusted face, after someone put.. uhm.. peanut butter on his bike? This was never shown in any episode,  I hope it wasn't Duane's poo. He also shares the same first name as myself. Arthur Taylor is I.

Disturbing Arthur updates: I had been hearing things about Arthur for a while after the Degrassi series ended. The first story I heard was about someone who drove past him on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. They described him looking pretty much the same. This source seemed very uncredible. Later, another person emailed and described him looking like an "escaped mental patient". This was the kinda update I could believe in. Very credible information. Finally, the newest and most horrific update yet: Arthur was spotted a few weeks ago by a good friend of the tipster. A waitresses confirmed that he is a bartender (at least part time) at a pub in the Yonge-Eglinton area of Toronto. He is still of grand scale, but now sports a cleanly shaven head and an extensive beard. He was described as "hideous" by the tipsters friend.

Mr. Yu the disorganizedYICK YU ( I swore, I thought his name was YICK YUCK)
Yick was DA MAN!. In his early years on Degrassi, Yick went through many events that shaped his life.. First event of course is crossing the ocean in an immigrint boat hoping not to get robbed or killed by pirates. Next was when he accused Mr. Raditch of being a racist, or something.. He was always getting bad marks on his assignments.. so he and the coolest guy on the show ARTHUR decided to conduct a little experiment. He handed in all of Stephanie K's old assignments (Stephanie K was Arthur's sister.. see the connection?.) except he replaced her name with his. He compared the marks, and they differed. wait a sec.. this story is dumb..who cares.

Yick had a thing for Melanie, but she only liked him as a friend (isnt this how it always is) After excepting a date with Yick, Melanie finds out that Snake wants to go see "Revenge of the Reptile".. so she tells Yick that her mother is going through Menopause (or something), and that she cant make it. Well Melanie and Snake go off to the Reptile movie, Arthur and Yick decide they should see the same movie.. UHOH!! Well for some reason Arthur and Yick decide to sit in the exact same area that Snake and Melanie are sitting.. Yick see's Melanie and discovers what it feels like to be stabbed in the back by a chick.

Another adventure has he and Arthur stealing a tape from Yick's older brother called "SWAMP SEX ROBOTS". Arthur and Yick salivate over what the tape will show them. Action so hot it will melt your eyeballs!  they eventually fail as their plans backfire when Wheel's shows for his sex date with Stephanie and her mom catches them.

Arthur and Yick were best buds all through junior high, they liked to play with their water guns in the school, they liked to shove innocent nerds into broom closets, they also liked to call each other 'broom heads'.. man these guys were out of control!. In High school, Yick dropped Arthur like a hot-potato, and became a druggie/bad seed with Luke (who had previously also ruined Shane's life ..) He made fun of Arthur by calling him a nerd (that bastard), and had bid "farewell" to his own nerdy past. He had a semi love life; He kinda dated Melanie, and then kinda dated Tessa (after she dumped Alex).

He didn't go anywhere in life.. big surprise, he should have stuck with Arthur.

"Kathleen! you are such a prude!": Melanie's favorite thing to say.

Melanie started out as a pretty awkward character in the Degrassi universe. Who could forget when she didnt have breasts? Or what about the time she lied to Yick so she could go out with Snake?. Joey made fun of Melanie with such classic lines as "Hey Melanie, you're so flat the walls are jealous!".. but L.D came to Mel's rescue, and threw Joey into the Degrassi pool. Melanie had nice braces, which she wore for only about a year (that's about how long I had mine on for also). Melanie was gaga over Snake, but every time they would go out (or attempt to go out) it would end in failure. Melanie got her braces off, and as a gift, got 20 bucks from her mother. What does she do withi it?  she blows 20 dollars on Pizza and "Soda" with her buddies.. soon after that, Snake asks her to go to the Gourmet Scum concert, but alas Melanie has not a 20 dollar bill to spare. She steals the money from her mother, and after her mother spends the entire episode whining and bitching about how she lost 20 bucks, Melanie comes clean... and gets grounded. Its only 20 bucks! And its not like they were 'MegaPoor' or anything (even Melanie said this..) In high school Melanie still has no luck with Snake, but she becomes better looking.. and turns her sights toward trouble.. and Luke! At Diane’s slumber party Melanie gets stoned, and while laughing her ass off.. tells everyone about Kathleen’s problems (anorexic, bearded boyfriend, drunk mother, being a prude.. etc..) Kathleen gets really mad and says that she hates Melanie. How could anyone hate Melanie?

UPDATE: In the late 1990's Melanie was stalked by an insane fan from Australia who requested an autograph and underwear from her. Instead of fulfilling the request, she sent a message to the authorities and got the guy arrested. When the stalker found out that he was getting arrested instead of getting Melanie's underwear and autograph, he yelled out "Sara, you are such a prude!". (Sara being her real name..)

I love to take acid and fly off bridgesSHANE- THE IMPREGNATOR!
SHANE SHANE SHANE!!! this guy had the second crappiest life on Degrassi. He had sex in grade 7 with Spike see below for Spike info and she got pregnant.. How could he be that young? wow.. in grade 7 all I thought about was Nintendo.. anyways back to the bio. Spike had the baby, and Shane attempted to be a dad for a while.. but his parents were strict.. and he failed.

His 'rents attempted to send him to Military school.. but he got out of it somehow? .. A few months past, and he discovered drugs with Luke (a real bad seed). The night of the "GOURMET SCUM" concert saw Shane drop some acid.. After the concert, Luke let him go home by himself, he was high as a kite, and jumped off a bridge. He became a vegetable, and didn't appear in a Degrassi episode for at least a year. When he returned to school, he was obviously retarded; He couldn't speak well, and if irritated he would say "STUPID JERK.. SHOULD BE KICKED IN THE HEAD". What does this mean? I don't know..maybe you should as him!.. The last thing he did was have a coffee with Spike. At least that was the plan, perhaps she never followed through with it. "That would be nice" Shane said.

UPDATE: Shane was featured in an EATONS commercial. The commercial was for a free CD offer, (but that was back in March 99 (its over now & Eatons is out of business). He played a cashier who gives out free CD's to everyone who buys a pair of jeans. This big black dude buys an oven or something, and asks what he gets; expecting the CD. Shane gives him a hug!. Way to find that work SHANE!

To add insult to injury, Shane was replaced by the very person that spearheaded the entire Degrassi revival!! Jono from Jonovision! That is right, J-Rock from the Trailer Park Boys was now Shane in an episode where Emma from TNG comes for a visit.

Help me.. my skull cant take the weight..SPIKE (CHRISTINE NELSON)
Well Spike first mistake was porking Shane.. man.. its not like she was drunk; and Shane really wasn't all that appealing (unless she wanted to have sex with someone who looked like Bill from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure") Anyways.. she wore braces in the early years.. you know, the classic 1960s model (the cover the entire tooth style).. but this doesn't really matter. She was frowned upon in Junior high for setting a bad example for the other girls. The mothers were afraid that their daughters would become also become pregnant. All they really had to do was expel the root of the problem: SHANE (the real bad seed). Spike left Degrassi to take some time off (like maternity leave.. but she was really just playing hooky). Over the summer she had her baby Emma, and they lived happily ever after. Spike was known for her (dramatic pause) WICKED ASS HAIR!, that and her love for punk music (I wish she could have worn some Black Flag shirts on the show). She dated an Irish guy for a while; I think his name was Ivan, but anyways. Her best friend was (and still is..) LIZ ,and she even made Liz is the godmother to the baby Emma (dont ever ask me about my business..). After that, Spike didn't do much. She was the shows token pregnant girl, and hey! every high school show needs one. Spike spent the remainder of the series looking for love. Thinking she was a sure thing, even Snake tried to pick up Spike, but he failed as usual. Spike dumped Ivan the Irish guy (I know that isn't his name, but it sounds funny), and that guy picked up Liz to go to a concert with him. Spike gots really mad at the both of them, and proceeds to fight about it in the Degrassi library. Everyone was telling them to "SHHH"; it was quite an annoying scene. Since she had a kid, Spike was the confident to all the girls asking about Sex. She was the master. In real life Amanda (Spike) has black hair, but still loves heavy tunes. She is friends with Corrosion of Conformity (a cool band) and is thanked on a few of their cds. Infact, whenever the band plays Toronto, she will probably be in the crowd.

I hate guys, I hate abortion, and I hate stepfathers!LIZ O'ROURKE (Elizabeth the angry)
Liz was Spike's best friend throughout the years on Degrassi. She was god mother to EMMA. One of her most memorable moments (Degrassi junior high) was when Joey thought that she was "easy"; so he tried to have sex with her. Keep in mind that they were only in Grade 8. This was also from the same classic episode where Joey buys everything in the drug store just to blend in a box of condoms. It doesn't work, because the cashier asks for a price check on the condoms, and old people behind Joey laugh at him. Joey tries to seduce Liz, but it fails.. and he gets thrown out of her house. We later learn that Liz was abused as a child. As I have stated above.. every child issue is covered in the Degrassi episodes. Liz is anti abortion and fought with the pregnant twin Heather I think.. or maybe Erica? DAMN TWINS! (Yes it was Erica, I just watched the episode last night). It is revealed in episode:" everybody wants something" that Liz was supposed to be aborted, but her mother said NO!; this explains why Liz hates Erica so much. Also Liz was big on the "against animal testing" movement that was big in the 80's. She was quite the spokeswoman.

UPDATE: I have seen Cathy Keenan in downtown Toronto once (but since I don't go downtown much, I bet she is always around). Usually on Queen Street around Much Music. I saw her selling little trinkets or maybe they were T-shirts on the street.

I am named after an old mcdonalds burger!B.L.T. (Bryan Louis Tannelbalm)
B.L.T. dated Michelle.. you might remember her? she was the whiner (who cried like Niagara falls), her dad was also a racist.. which wasn't very good for good ole' BLT. They two went out for like 4 years.. and BLT helped Michelle through some rough times: her bout with caffeine pills, moving her into her apartment, and I think that's pretty much it. After all that time you would think that BLT would see a little "Jungle fever" type action.. but no luck, I think he made it to first base with Michelle. Finally he dumped Michelle for less controversial black chick (Cindy), and when Michelle found out that BLT had been seeing Cindy behind her back... she dumped milk all over his head in the cafeteria while his peers looked on in horror!! OOOOO!! man.. that is some bad stuff. BLT is also remembered for being the guy who was always on the basketball team.. way to go BLT. He was also called "the dreaded N word" by a bad seed at "Borden High" and got into a racial scuffle, and when the dust had cleared BLT was given a warning never to fight again.. so he didnt.

UPDATE: What has he (Dayo Ade) done with his life since Degrassi? well I saw him in a Mcdonalds "pizza" commercial a few years back... AIM FOR THOSE STARS BLT, and he played a "GAY STUD" on an episode of "THE KIDS IN THE HALL" with Scott Thompson.

Im not allowed to date.. Im only 28MICHELLE (who cries like Niagara falls)
Michelle was typically the girl in the background for the first couple of seasons of Degrassi Junior High. One day Michelle, and her best friend Alexa went out to eat lunch at a park near Degrassi; BLT and Simon came along for the fresh air. Somehow Michelle and BLT hit it off, and became steady boyfriend and girlfriend well into Degrassi High. This filled the inter-racial aspect of the show, and gave DEGRASSI one more topic to add to the issues covered list. Michelle is an interesting person on the show. I'm not really sure about this, but I seem to remember Michelle being told by her parents that she was only 16 years old and that she couldn't do everything that she wanted to do. Her parents then break up, and she goes on to live with her dad. Anyways.. they live together for some time, then Michelle celebrates her 16th birthday? YES! its true! (well at least I think its true..) I don't know whats up with that. Michelle's racist father gives her a ring that belonged to his grandma or something. Michelle is not allowed to go out with her friends on the night of her birthday, so instead of calling her dad a loser.. she decides to move out (ohhyea a good idea). She finds an apartment and pawns the precious grandma ring in order to pay for it!. She still needs some cash, so she decides to get a job at a local donut place. Her grades go down the crapper, and she eventually crawls back to Daddy. Later that year, BLT breaks up with Michelle in favor of a fellow black girl ( by the name of Cindy.) These messes everything up: Michelle drifts away from Alexa because Alexa and Simon like to hang with BLT and CINDY, and makes poor Michelle shed even more tears than usual. . Michelle and Alexa make up after a fight.. and then Michelle begins a little dating fling with good ole' Snake. Their first date was a gigantic mistake, Michelle was still hung up on BLT being hung, but Michelle asks Snake to prom and after getting out of his date with Spike, Snake excepts... we see them together for the final episode of Degrassi.. so I guess they became better friends.

Turn ons: Caitlin, poems. Turn offs: LifeCLAUDE (CLEH-OoooD)
Claude: this was one troubled guy. His problems started when he raided the Degrassi Drama department wardrobe room. Who did he think he was? Hamlet? This guy dressed in THEE worst crap I have ever seen. He thought he was pretty tough with his little mustache.. ohman, and also he had a MASSIVE ponytail.. what was it..? 1 inch?. Well somehow he weaseled his way into Caitlin's pants.. and Joey didn't like this too much.. Poor Joey.. he didn't discover the Claude/Caitlin connection until very late.. BUT FEAR NOT!! Claude's parents soon divorced.. he was hassled by his friend (Joanne that girl who cried when he died), and he dressed like a fairy.. so he killed himself. How did he get a gun? who knows.. we all know that in Toronto any teenager who dresses like Hamlet can get a 9mm. So he blasted himself in the Degrassi Lavatories.. and poor Snake discovered the disfigured corpse.. not only scarring him for life with the horrible sight, but also backing up his pee.. Snake later needed a catheter to urinate.. To top off his "who does this homo think he is?" image.. he sent Caitlin a letter after his suicide that basically blamed her for his death.. awww poor baby. Well he is dead.. and the school got over it in like 2 days

TID BIT: The real life actor who played Claude dressed like this as well. No this wasn’t a costume idea by the Degrassi creators, this was the way the guy dressed. He did not kill himself in real life.

Who needs a condom, Im not circumcised!DUANE (THE AIDS GUY)
Pretty sad ending for this young man. He basically started his career on Degrassi in highschool (Yes I know he was in Junior High, but aside from fighting Joey, and picking Scooter up, he did bupkiss). He was part of an elite group of kids in Degrassi who were very tough!. They were the kind of kids that always enforced initiation, and the one group of kids they always picked on were Joey's Club (wheels, snake, and Joey). This continued on for 2 years, and Joey hated every minute of it. After Joey flunks a bunch of classes he is put into the special needs class. All this is find and dandy, except.. Duane's Club is in the special needs class! OHHNO!!. Joey is tormented daily. Duane is basically a bad seed. He ratted out Joey during the "nude walk for money" scam which Joey almost pulled off. But during that episode Duane finds out he has aids. This completes the "school issues" cycle, and every single thinkable issue is covered by Degrassi episodes. Duane keeps it to himself for a long time, and puts up with gay jokes from his friends, until one day during a fight in the bathroom with Joey he cuts himself and gets all bloody. "DO YOU WANT THIS ONE YOU" he says to Joey.. "WHAT IF I HAD AIDS.. YOU COULD GET IT" Duane says.. Joey reply's with "HEY IF YOU HAVE AIDS.. ILL PEE ON YOUR GRAVE" (or something to that effect). Duane starts crying and Joey leaves. After that Joey and Duane get alone real well, cause Joey keeps his secret from the world. In the final episode.. Duane goes to the prom, and no one will dance with him.. Then some girl does. that is all.

Hey baby, want to see my sparklie car?CLUTCH (a real BAD ASS)
One of the coolest guys at Degrassi, this was Clutch. He started out as one of the bullies when the grade 9's visited their future high school (Borden High). Clutch and his nerdy black dude sidekick (Paul) made fun of Snake and Wheels.. this was uncalled for! During the visit Lucy caught the eye of young Paul, and soon the 2 had a date together. They broke up because Lucy didn't want to pork Paul.. anyways..Soon Erica somehow scored a date with Clutch (by asking what Sign he is? if only it were that simple..) and during a date at the bowling alley Clutch falls in love with Lucy instead of Erica. They went out for a while until Clutch developed his alcoholic problem (he was in high school! ). Lucy dumps his drunk ass.. and Clutch spends a few months just chilling in the background of Degrassi. He had a really crappy car with sparkles on was pretty much the worst car even seen on Degrassi. Even worse than Snakes mothers car; and it was sooo cool that Joey and the Zits wanted to use it for their music video. Hey, Clutch was such a bad seed that he used fake I.D to purchase beer for other minors like himself! Taking lots of beer for commission when asked by Joey and the dudes to get them some beer. Clutch and Paul get totally hammered and crash Lucy's party, but Lucy has been taking "Tae Bo" and is buff enough to nail Clutch in the goolies.. down he goes. Lucy directed the Zit Remedy video in which they use Clutch's crappy jalopy. Since Clutch has got his shit together he made another run for Lucy.. but it didnt work for long. He tried to smooth his way back into Lucys pants. They broke up I guess, and I cant remember anything more about Clutch. He just laid on the Degrassi benches with his shades on.. soaking up the Toronto sun.

"Together" say some good looking mamas times 2THE EROTIC TWINS (HEATHER AND ERICA)
The twins..I think twins are pretty cool.. They are fun to look at, and I bet they have lots of fun with all the pranks they pull. But lets face it.. these twins didn't look exactly alike. One had nice teeth, and the other had not as nice teeth. The both slept in the same room in their underwear and bras (ohh). One was a sex machine and the other was more subdued. The sexier twin Erica got knocked up one summer at camp (by Jason.. that non pulling out bastard!), and decided to have an abortion (every teenage issue is covered in the Degrassi universe) except she runs into problems.. I guess Heather didn't want her sister to have the abortion, and attempted to talk her out of it-- she failed. The troubled Erica went ahead anyways and had the procedure completed, but she ran into a mob at the clinic.. She thinks the worst of her problems are behind her, yet her problems only get worse.. nightmares start, and she gets into a fight with that lovable skinhead LIZ. They fight because Liz writes on Erica's locker (in lipstick) "MURDERER". Erica had known that someone was out to prove the anti-abortion point (by sticking dead baby pictures in her locker.. but she didnt know it was Liz..) Their fight lasted a second, and that was it. Lots of hair pulling, lots of shouting. Erotic.

Heather had some love in her life also.. She got involved in a steamy & torrid affair with our pal WHEELS. One day at Lucy's party Heather and Wheels get it on.. they KISS oooooo!, but Wheels is foolish, and gives her the cold shoulder. That was really the last thing they did..

UPDATE: A few years back the twins could be seen in a SPRINT CANADA commercial.. doing some retarded test on who talks to grandma for the least amount of time, thus the least amount of money!

There was also a Kids in the Hall sketch involving a stolen Gazebo, with Bruce Mccullugh and Scott Thompson. They were having a party, and low and behold.. the loose women invited over to party were the Deiseach twins. They looked.. oh how you say.. erotic.

I have to do well.. ahh I faintedKATHLENE- one messed up CHICK
Kathleen was one of the toughest characters on Degrassi. A smile from her was very rare, and whoever made her smile should feel extremely lucky to see this pretty side of her. Kathleen was best known for getting beaten by her bearded boyfriend SCOTT- see below. Her best friend from early in the Degrassi series was Melanie, whom she had shared many a good time with. We are first introduced to Kathleen's tough life by seeing her DRUNK mother. The episode revolved around some of the "Quest for the Best" Degrassi gang having to watch a videotape, and Kathleen was the only person that owned a VCR (wow, my house has 5 of them.. nooch). They arrive at Kath's house.. and out stumbles the drunken freak that was her mother. She told horrible jokes, and looked really dirty! (Kathleen even got smacked around a little.. CHILD ABUSE). The next thing that sucked in Kathleen's life was she was anorexic I TOLD YOU.. EVERY ISSUE IS COVERED IN THE DEGRASSI WORLD..EATING DISORDERS. She, like most girls thinks that she is fat, when she really is she starves herself.. throws up a bunch..and she passes out; Miss Avery the lesbian saves her from death (no mouth to mouth however..)
In Degrassi High, Kathleen falls in love with Scott. Scott is much older, and is pretty tough (did I mention he had a wicked beard?). Scott beats Kathleen up all the time, for stupid things such as: talking to Luke about doing a drama presentation, being late (15 mins late that is), and not commenting on how good his beard looks. THE ISSUE OF BOYFRIEND ABUSE IS COVERED. So they keep going out, she keeps getting her ass kicked, then finally they break up! (sob). At a girls only slumber party later on in the series, Kathleen whips out "drugs" and teaches all the girls (Melanie, Miya, Diane, Caitlin) how to do POT. Kathleen soon faded away.. I assume SCOTT came back and killed her, then buried her or something. Why was she not in Schools Out?!

UPDATE: Ive seen Kathleen around Toronto.. at the Eaton center, in her "Im famous" disguise.. big hat tucked tightly over her head.. bangs covering face... etc. Relax Kath, no one cares.

The beard isn't around, but that doesn't mean Im not smoothSCOTT- The beating Kathleen bearded HOULIGAN!
This guy was FUNNY. Im a 70's porn actor, just check out the mighty beard!. Why oh WHY did Kathleen fall in love with this hoser? I don't know!.. In the picture to the left you see Scott without his magnificent BEARD!. and to the right with the cool BEARD!.. trust me ladies, this was ENOUGH to attract any woman in the world. Scotty was very jealous.. and he beat Kathleen up for anything and everything that pissed him off. One day she had to work with Luke after school on a drama presentation, forgetting that she was supposed to meet Scott outside. Scott waits outside, and finally bursts back into the school and finds Luke and Kathleen working on the drama thing.. he thinks they are humping, and tells Luke to get out so he can kick the crap out of Kathleen. Luke allows it, he must’ve been stoned that day. So after Kathleen gets beaten, she gets the cops to arrest him.. THEN they break up. HAHAH, too bad. Scott was only going out with Kathleen for about a week, but already they had pictures taken together; and he even gave her a necklace?! who does this guy think he is? Romeo? I think his beard was an alien that made him aggressive.

Update: Well if you are wondering what he did after Degrassi, he became a gaffer and lighting guy for various Canadian television shows. According to something I read (maybe the Degrassi crime article?) Scott was arrested but later let go on attempted rape charges. And! I have just learned that he is a big internet IRC guru, who invites the computer girls he chats with over to his house to take their pictures (not for his personal collection... to help them out, and use to show other people what they look like on line.. riiiiight.). I wonder if they know about his violence towards women? Better bring the mace ladies.

Hey Im a model.. Oh Simon.. lets get marriedSIMON & ALEXA- (The supposedly famous kid, and the girl who held his leash)
The cool dude, in Alexa's locker! LAMESimon first appeared in Degrassi Junior high. All the chicks grabbed their collective "booties" because Simon was starring in commercials or appearing in the "underwear" section of the Sears Catalogue. Stephanie K (since she was so damn "hot") thought she could win Simon over easily with her slutty clothes; not the case said the young rollie pollie girl named Alexa. Alexa had scored some of Stephs street-walker-clothes before Simon had even arrived at Degrassi (remember Steph was trying to turn over a new leaf by dressing not so "open for business" like) Since she is curved in all the right places, Simon falls head over heels for Alexa. Stephanie K gets really pissed at Alexa,THE STUD FROM SEARS and they had a fight or something at Lucy's party. Steph demanded her clothes back.. but it was no use. To illustrate that it wasnt the clothes that landed her Simon, Alexa later returns all the whore-drobe to Stephanie K (after Alexa's mother finds the clothes and tell her they make her look like a Lady of the Night) Steph may have her clothes back, but Simon still likes his poon-tang Greek. Simon and Alexa basically stay together for the entire Degrassi show run, and wed in the final "Schools Out" movie episode. Simon is a big pushover completely pussy whipped, because he does whatever Alexa wants him to do... And Alexa was a fat pig in my opinion. With Simon always being asked out by his adoring fans in the school; He should have played the field a little! get a little taste of the action before settling down.. know what I'm saying?. Alexa was Michelle's best friend, and Michelle was the girlfriend of our buddy BLT. When Michelle and BLT dumped each other (dumped milk on BLT's head also!) Simon and Alexa were left hanging around with BLT and his new chick CINDY. Michelle resented Alexa for selling her out in favor of spending time with Simon... which meant spending time with BLT and Cindy. Later Michelle and Alexa became friends again. Simon and Alexa functioned as one basically. I hope they got a divorce. In the final "School's Out" movie, Simon did something horrible with his hair, he got it permed. Either that, or he is wearing a really bad toupee'. Hey why didn't these bastards invite Michelle to the wedding?

why dont you come over and come?TESSA CAMPINELLI (the sweet homewrecker)
Boy O boy! did this girl grow up fast or what? Remember her and little Scooter running around like complete asses playing some warped game of tag only they understood at the pre-Degrassi High party? They ran all over the place and somehow managed to be in the basement.. where: OH NO! there was a fire. So they both scream and yell that "there is a fire", but no one cares.. the other kids tell them to shut up and enjoy the party.. then the fire alarms go off, and everyone gets out and is saved. But you can thank Tessa and Scooter for the fact the cast was alive to return in Degrassi High. Later in High school Tessa discovered her hormones had warped her vision for Scooter.. she was attracted to him! Whats with interracial relationships on Degrassi? Were the creators out to prove a point? She has the hots for Scooter, but that didnt last.. He would rather watch "world of bugs" on pbs, than check out Tessas genital bugs at her house.. for shame Scooter. After that, she got involved with Alex "the wuss" Yankou. A real annoying kid, they dated for a few months without even kissing.. man what a typical television relationship ala "growing pains". Mike Seaver the big stud? did he even hump in the show? Back on track. Alex's friend Yick (remember I said he was da man?) gets the hots for Tessa, and she emulates his hots.. and the 2 match up perfectly for the rest of the season. Tessa used Alex a few times.. most memorably for getting his brothers Science exam, and passing it along to ever single person in the school. All the kids pass the exam with flying colors. In "Schools out" Tessa gets rid of Yick, possibly tired of eating Chinese, and sets her sights on the involved, but horny Joey Jeremiah. The two start a forbidden romance,. that is actually a romance. Sex!, and just like Degrassi.. anyone who has sex gets pregnant. Joey only had sex with her because he couldn't "get with" Caitlin. When Joey slips Caitlin some Spanish fly, and gets some.. he dumps Tessa. That's when Tessa finds out she has a mini Joey growing inside her. Joey dumps Tessa the day of his birthday. It might have something to do with the fact that Tessa gave Joey the worst piece of crap T-shirt to him for his Birthday... what did it say? Naughty and Nice? something lame like that.. in that classic 80's iron on style. I think she became a lesbian later due to male frustration.

If anyone has seen Alex Yankou's glasses.....ALEX YANKOU (a true nerd)
What was with this guy? If you were trying out for a television series that didnt pay much, and would pretty much put a social mark on your head as being "that loser from Degrassi", why would you try out for the part of the biggest nerd ever on Degrassi? Here is another lifer on Degrassi street... from the early shows, right up till the last episode. I dont know if it was a running gag on the show, but take a listen to most of the announcements from DJR, to DH.. most of them involve Alex in some way or another. Most of them involve his missing specs. Some of his most memorable shows? How about the time he couldn't play poker and had to stay at home to right his massive essay.. he couldn't stay up, he drank tons of 80's Pepsi (the narrow cans!), he couldn't type cause of his bitch mother next door, she kept bugging him that the tap tapping noise was too much for her, so genius puts a pillow over the typewriter. He falls sound asleep on it. As mentioned above he dated Tessa, but wouldn’t make a move on her until she practically begged him for a kiss.. he whips off his glasses like Clark Kent, but sadly.. he isnt superman underneath. Hes just Alex Yankou. He still tried to keep his cool image.. he wore a suit jacket, with a T-shirt underneath, and shorts. He was on the yearbook committee. He was annoying as hell. When Caitlin is pissed off at Miss Avery for quitting, Caitlin meets up with Alex and just wants to hand in her lock and get her yearbook.. but Alex rambles on and on about his family's trip to Greece, or Israel. Check out his pants, see any? his shorts are pulled way up and he looks naked!. Yick takes Tessa away from Alex, well not really.. she comes on her own, but Alex gets all mad and tries to start a really pathetic fight with Yick.. Yick is about to play Lacrosse, so he's all decked out in Armor, Alex sucked.. I cant stress this enough

SAD UPDATE: As predicted, playing the nerd for so many years pretty much dried up his acting career. Attempting to remain somewhat artsy he attended York University for fine arts. Upon graduation he started his television production career at The Shopping Channel, Canada's only purveyor of televised crap. And that is where he is today. Note: If you see the final Degrassi movie (School's Out) you'll notice that there is no sign of Alex. He was invited to be in it, but was not going to have any lines... he refused to be apart of it. The line for slapping this guy silly begins to your left.

Thats my belt.. I want it back.. those are my panties.. I want YOU!AMY & ALISON (ALLISON AND AMY)
These "babes" were never really treated separately on Degrassi.. always together. They seemed to appear in Degrassi High, fighting over who they were going to ask to the Dance.. one of them wanted Snake.. Ill hazard a guess that it was Allison that wanted him. He was already going out with either Melanie or Michelle. So he shafted her, later Amy asked if it was alright that she go out with Snake, she was allowed.. but when she got the date, Allison got all jealous, and the two ended up having a big fight in the girls washroom.. where they demanded the clothes each other were wearing that belonged to each other (holy crap, does that make sense?) Anyway, Allison had Amy’s belt.. Amy had Allison's dress.. (etc, and for you Degrassi maniacs, dont email with what the real exchange was.. save your time and energy something else). So anyway, they are both basically in their underwear, when Tabi and some other unknown girl extras walk in.. a very uncomfortable moment ensues.. and I guess they both realized that they were being idiots. Joey while scouting for models to be in the upcoming Zit Remedy video, decides to ask both the girls to be in the video in bikinis. They both agree, and Joey blows his entire budget on paying the girls.. Lucy that feminist rebel gets wind of it, and stops Joey from using her Camera to shoot the footage.. Joey decides not to pay them, and the girls get pissed and push him into some garbage.. its pretty funny. Finally, in Schools out the girls are again both together paddling around the lake in a canoe, but this time they are both drinking beers! ohh , I could see this coming from a mile away. Anyway, one of them tips the boat, and Allison ends up drowning in the water.. Snake, who had trained to become a life guard.. not to save lives, but to give mouth to female genital resuscitation finally sees his big chance, Joey and Caitlin have just chewed him out.. he’s depressed and at the end of his rope, so he jumps in and saves her.. gives her mouth to mouth (yea just mouth to mouth) and everything is happy. He didnt get a date from her, I guess she was over him. These girls looked like typical highschool girls in the late 1980's. I bet they both loved Bon Jovi. Steal an old yearbook from your school, and check out 1987 or 1988 era girls.. you will see these 2. Hey, I think these two actually were lesbians in real life. "We dont work, unless we can be together in every damn shot, and that's final!"

My brother Frank this, My brother Frank that..RICK (Bad to his bruised bones!)
Again, a very troubled seed on Degrassi Junior High, Young Rick fell victim to: failing grade 7, getting beaten by his dad, being obsessed with bikes, smoking, Caitlin loving him, having a crappy bike, not having a mom, getting beaten for giving Joey a coke.. etc. So anyway, he had a tough life. We are introduced to Rick when Joey buys a "cool" jacket off him. It once belonged to Frank. Rick is completely obsessed with talking about Frank.. his brother that doesn't live with him anymore. Joey goes over to Rick's house to buy the jacket, Rick gives him a bottle of pop, and takes one for himself. Rick's crazy assed Duran Duran cover band looking dad comes home and beats the crap out of him for giving the coke to Joey! Wow! So anyway Joey starts caring for his new friend, and asks around school.. "What would you do if you knew someone who was always getting beaten up by his dad?" Joey asks Tim. Well Tim the fairy knows that Joey is talking about Rick. Then Joey asks Doris Bell the same question.. she thinks he is talking about himself, and calls Social Services. Joey and Rick go to Joey's place, and another member of a Duran Duran cover band is waiting (a social services guy). He helps Rick out, and lets him go live with FRANK!. Later in the series; Arthur and Yick suspect Rick of stealing Yicks 20 bucks.. which he cant find in his locker. Meanwhile, Rick is coming to school offering everyone licorice, that he bought after winning the lottery (hello? Rick's a child..he cant win lotteries!) Arthur and Yick begin trailing him everywhere.. but at the end turns out Yicks 20 bucks was in his locker the whole time! Now that is what I call a sticky situation!. At one time Rick and Caitlin worked on an environmental project together, and Rick came up with the brilliant idea to RAP the announcement about the environment over the school P.A. It is very horrible, and reminds me of Puff Daddy.. But later, Caitlin gets mad at Rick because he smokes.. yet Rick is a part of the environmental club. Tired of feeling the wrath of the Ice Princess (Caitlin), Rick turns to another troubled chick.. Kathleen. They both have something in common. There houses are dirty, plus there parent slaps them around. A bond develops, and when Kathleen forgets her Degrassi Junior High sweater while on "Quest for the Best", Rick saves the day by lending her his Sweater. Sure there is caked on blood, and sweat stains. But its the thought that counted. To illustrate what happens when you get beat up so much, check out Rick next to Kathleen while he walks her home after the quiz show ends. Talk about a shorty. I guess smoking and getting slapped can stunt your growth. Suddenly Rick just isnt around anymore.

I love not being a major characterNANCY (the fat chick)
What can be said about Nancy? A goodie tooshoes? Hell yah! An annoying person? Hell yah! A vital member of the Degrassi cast? HELL NO!. Some memorable moments involving Nancy included her getting her drivers license first over the more deserving Joey and Snake. Although she looks to be nice in the picture to the left, don't believe it! After she got her license, she received a new car from her parents, and drove it to school the very next day bragging about how her parents bought it for her! It is these little moments that made her so annoying.

When Joey failed grade 8, she took almost great fun in spreading the news.. "didnt you hear? he flunked".  In Degrassi Junior high, Nancy was head of the student newspaper (The Degrassi Digest). She didn't help Caitlin out at all when she wrote the paper on "Keeping Spike at Degrassi" She could have at least talked to Mr. Raditch, but instead of going against Mr. Raditch.. Nancy: "the teachers pet" decided to take the teachers side. She didn't do much else.. I don't think she was ever seen in the girls gym classes (gee I wonder why), and just thinking about her right now makes me want to slap her silly. Another thing about the Degrassi Digest: She couldnt care less what anyone wrote.. as long as it was 200 words or whatever other amount she needed for that particular issue. "Nancy, I'm going to write a letter about burning pentagrams into my breast" , "Ok Miss Avery, just make sure its 150 words exactly". What a robot. In Degrassi High, during Miss Avery's surprise party in the Library, take a look at Nancy in the background.. she goes back for seconds of the cake.. followed by thirds.. and even fourths.. hey Nancy, save some for the rest of the kids.

Update: I saw Nancy walking downtown with some people.. she was wearing a "Yes I was on Degrassi, I was Nancy" button. Sad since no one cares. She looked the same.

Do you want to talk about it?Joanne (the chick who takes everything personally)
Joanne kinda came out of nowhere in the Degrassi universe. One day before Claude killed himself.. there she was! Comforting him. Asking him to come out to the movies.. to try to forget his problems. After he shoots himself she acts as the spokeswoman for Claude, even going as far as making a speech about him at the Talent show. What a way to ruin the mood for comedy. Crying! Get a hold of yourself Joanne. Next on her Humanitarian duties was informing the world that you cant get aids from Duane from sitting on his seat (although you could get pizza stains from his dirty sweat pants). She took it really personally that Tabi and Nick were scared of Duane. Oh surrre! Someone has a life threatening illness that can be spread easily (hey it was the early 1990's.. not much was known at that time), and you are just supposed to be cool about it? Id freak out too! And about that comment about "swallowing 6 liters of saliva to catch it" that's just sick. Her mom works with Aids patients.. so I guess that is why she is so smart, but still.. be a little comforting to Tabi. She didn't have many speaking lines in the show. Don't yell at her! Like Nancy, before these crucial episodes Joanne was a professional hall walker (just walking in the background). I just found out that she was also in Degrassi Junior High! wow, I guess I wasn't watching the people in the background clear enough.

I was injured crowd surfing at a Slayer concert..MIYA (you know, the girl in the wheelchair)
Caitlin's faithful sidekick, always around when you need her. Able to speed away from you if she is mad at you. This was Miya. Was she always in the Degrassi universe? for the most part. During the early Junior high episodes there was another girl in a wheelchair (she can be seen in the episode where The girls team swims against the boys team) She was not Miya, because she looked more like Voula on crack. Miya was a good friend to everyone that liked her back. For the most part she was friends with Caitlin, Melanie, Kathleen.. etc. One day the friends wanted to go check out a movie, but they didn't want Miya coming, I guess because she takes too long to putt putt along on the street. So they made up some fib that the theater with the movie they were seeing didn't have proper handicap access. Miya knew this was a fib and she was really hurt. Miya along with Nancy is another girl you will never see taking Gym. Another story that sticks out in my head involving Miya is the one where she goes to Melanie's birthday party and Kathleen brings the stolen joint she found in the tampon machine (Yick and Luke hid it.. great place guys). Anyways Miya takes a puff and starts coughing. It would be cool if she got stoned and got up.. walked around, and started doing the moonwalk.

UPDATE: I saw Miya downtown one day back in March 1998, and guess what... She was WALKING! (with a Terry Fox style limp though). So it was all a sham on Degrassi. She was like Guy Calbaero from SCTV. All she wanted was respect and sympathy! Well maybe I'm being a little too hard and mean.