Miguelito's Clubhouse/ Downtown Destruction: 1
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These are the most recent set pics I have. Rayza was coming home from work one day and noticed one of the Dawn of the Dead escape busses in front of him! Imagine his surprise as he notices something he has been obsessing about for the last month (well not the bus.. but the movie!). He went down and took some great shots.. but he didnt have me with him. Lucky for him I was going to be in the downtown area to drop off his "Document of the Dead" on dvd, and pick up my "Hard Core Logo" dvd that I lent him the previous time we were on a mission. So they closed a large portion of a few blocks downtown near the waterfront. Even the local papers here in Toronto reported on the set.

The scene is how you would imagine it. The dead are returning to life, and acting like they are in a mosh pit or rave. They are mostly teenagers/20 year olds.. and they do not know how to act like zombies. Ok thats me being funny..(and using information gathered from a weenie zombie extra who likes golden showers..). Point is, the set looked amazing. All the plates are from Wisconsin. Home of "That 70s Show". This winnebago looked pretty dirty to be used for the extras/stars. It had to be a prop used in the scene.

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