Miguelito's Clubhouse/ Night o' the dawn o' the FUN: 1
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Night o' the dawn o' the FUN: 1

This was a fun night. Lauren and I met up with Rayza, who had rented a fancy pants camera to take pictures of the zombies that were to film that night. When we got there, we stood on the bridge overlooking the parking lot and took a few pictures. Of course, security informed us that we were not allowed to take pictures of a mall parking lot outside... on a public road. My tone since the first update of this site has gone a touch downhill mostly due to ass events like this. We are standing on a public road/bridge. Is it our fault that the production didnt have the money to rent a sound stage? No. We walked around, and below the bridge behind the railway tracks. This picture was taken there. We can make out a green screen that was being used to film the zombie scenes, and some light balloons used for better lighting.

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