The Japanese Strike First...(deja vu)
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When there is no more room in hell.. a little girl with glowing blue eyes will do something?

Rayza had forwarded me an ebay link to a mini Japanese Dawn poster he had found. It was very low quality and hard to see, but I thought it looked fake. After doing some more research I ended up finding more auctions, so that ruled out someone making a fake. Eventually I figured out the webaddress and that took me to this site.

Sarah Polley! and it actually looks like her. The pictures previously seen on the net were kinda hard to make out her likeness, but here she is. And in the bathroom where I shot this originally!

Anyone speak Japanese?


Click on the above link to go to the main part of the Dawn 'O The Fun 2004 site. Since no one is linking to the main site..

Special 'no thanks' to Harrold at Aint it Cool news. I had emailed him on the 29th of September, with info on what I had found (the japanese site, etc). I had screengrabed the above poster from the website where it was displayed in 20 or so slices. I cropped and photoshopped it. I had requested to be called "White Chocolate Man", as this is funny. When I checked his site 3 days later there was a story posted crediting some weenie with the scoop. This weenie offered absolutely nothing relevant.. for example:

"The poster is very good looking, and this little girl's eyes resembles the eyes of the alien children in "Village of the Damned" know, when they start flashing their eyes and making things to happen...terrible things. "

Wow you think so Penis? How about no. This movie is nothing like that movie. There are no alien children.

It was then listed that this "tipster" who just ripped the picture off my site could be called "Movieholic. =) ".

Ill call him "penis". Yes. No capital P.

Check out James Gunn's website. He mention's this page and Miguelito properly. Don't steal from Miguelito. He is a low income earning zombie. Stealing from Miguelito would just be sad.

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