A Sarah Polley family reunion image.
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Sarah Polley Picy

This is actually one of the pictures I was hesitant to share with you all. What is it? Well while taking pictures inside the Ana bedroom set we saw this set of baby Sarah Polley pictures! Wow. Pictures of her with her brother, grandmother (I guess?) and other Polley family members. A nice touch. Not something you really want to be sharing with Sarah Polley stalkers however.. that is why I chose to share this image, but also distort it.

I have included faces of people from 'fugly', and of people that suck (in my life) over each important Polley family member. On the left we have this bastard kid that was visiting my cottage back 1986. My father forced me to share my Transformers toys with him to play with... including my beloved Jetfire. What makes this kid a bastard? He sprayed "bug spray" onto Jetfire to keep bugs away from him. Its a fucking toy. The bug spray caused the paint to melt away and Jetfire was ruined. A picture of him was snapped soon before this. Beside him is Patricia, my first girlfriend who was a giant liar about everything. Next we have Dan, a putz of an exfriend. Below him another exgirlfriend, Megan aka Nutmeg. A girl with real head issues. On the far right over Sarah's hockey picture is Sucky Dave. An exbest friend who cut off his long hair, frosted his tips, and denounced his love for heavy metal. Shameful.

All this makes for a fun and interesting picture! The fingers belong to Griff.

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