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Rack O Zombies

Rack O Zombies

September 18th.. The day of the big Dawn of the Dead remake set sale! Advertised in the Toronto Sun, and on message boards.. I was looking forward to checking things out. I dont have money to buy props anyway, but I thought Id go and check things out with Rayza. Took my camera because as Peter said in the original Dawn.. "you never know!.."

Check out Rayza's site for pictures that capture how crappy this event was. It reminds me of a *previous crappy event in my life.(*see bottom for tale)

If you have ever been to a really crappy Dollar store.. you could expect the same caliber at this sale.

While browsing some items a set worker approached Rayza and myself and asked if I was AJ. This threw me for a loop, as I was in fact AJ! He was a nice guy, and let Rayza know that their were bloodied pillows for sale at the opposite end of the selling floor. We encountered him a few more times throughout our shopping bonanza. Probably the only nice person I have talked to involved with this production. The other person being the nice guy that let us tour the mall and take pictures many moons ago.

The above bloodied board with invoices from 'Andy's Gun Works' (wow what a title) was found behind a table at the set sale. Was it for sale? No. The crew had left out all kinds of cool props like the 'Andy's Gun Works' sign, and even the giant 'Gaylen Ross' lightbox poster display that I had posed with 2 months ago! But were they for sale? No. Why were they on the selling floor? Apparently they were to be moved into storage!. Why was this not done before the sale started to the public? Why was I able to take photographs of the closed mall set? Why was I able to go onto the roof of the mall to take pictures beside the "Help Alive Inside" wall? Why did I even know where filming was taking place, and the days that the crew actually filmed? Why ask Why. The whole production at times seems pretty hokey in the professionalism department.



*The event being around 1991, I was really into Star Trek The Next Generation. On March break I saw that the Ontario Science Center was having a Star Trek display, complete with a recreation of the USS Enterprise! Wow! Bunch of friends and I went and upon arrival, were excited to see where the bridge was. You could almost hear the teenage girls saying "You are so losing dating points you bunch of weenies".. but none the less. I saw that the sign at the front of the Science Center had a misprint. It said "this way to the USS CENTERPRISE". The Centerprise? This is dragging on, and I doubt you readers care. Point was. It was a fake bridge using cardboard and light bulbs. We were tricked into coming for something cool, and finding something sucky. Embarrassing.


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