Two Weenies Need Help (T.W.N.H.)
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This was pretty much all I was thinking about after getting up onto the roof. Getting these shots. Notice a skateboard, and a Black Flag shirt on me. The HELP ALIVE INSIDE was much bigger than I originally thought. I stand about 6'2.. how did the survivors paint this without a ladder? No idea.

We then went back to the staircase to decend back to street level. We were met by an english accented set guy who was very angry. "What are you doing, who do you work for", etc. We informed him of being there to skateboard. He didnt buy it. Dave told him he had to get a waterbottle that I had thrown up on the roof. He did not believe us, so we showed him the skateboards and the waterbottle. I believe I told him my name was Steve. Dave was Paul. He was an upset little man. When I got home later that night I had read about the reshoots ordered by Universal. Perhaps that is why he was upset. Hey english guy, I am from Liverpool. Lets watch Formula 51 and have a Strongbow! Actually, you have a job and get paid. Be happy. I cant find a decent job.

As I said before. The parking lot was empty. The staircases to the roof were still setup. No "no tresspassing signs" nor security. Good thing one of us packed a digicamera for skateboarding shenanigans, without the pictures it would just be a "sorta cool" story.

The guy was still telling us off and informing us that the police would be called.. we just took off skating however. There was a nice smooth hill right beside where this all took place, so we flew..

Check out the picture back in the normal series "Outside01". Dave found a water bottle on set. Coincidence? I also gave a similar slack thumbs up in that picture.


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