Miguelito's Clubhouse/ A Mola Ram meets a Chocolate Man
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Here is everyone's favorite Dawn of the Dead 2004 set crasher Mola Ram. Mola attended the "Chiller Horror Convention" late last year, where he got to meet one of his many idols.. but perhaps the most important (next to Al Leong).. the Chocolate Man himself.. Ken Foree! Mola even purchased one of Ken's tshirts, which I do believe entitled him to an autograph and a picture. Way to go Griff, it seems that you too can see him. Just like Tom Savini did all those years before...

Here are some other fun pictures of Griff.

Griff meets Patrica Tallman who played Barbara in the amazing Night of the Living Dead remake from 1990!
She also spoke the excellent line: "They're us. We're them and they're us. "

Remember this guy! Haha. His finest moments of course were in Motley Crue's "Smoking in the Boys Room", and as one of the bikers in "Weird Science"..

This is by far my favorite Griff horror convention picture. Why? Well he purchased this guys picture and autograph just because he is a midget! He played an ewok? Wow that is fascinating. It could have been any midget under there!

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