Miguelito's Clubhouse/ Mall Notice 1
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Mall Notice 1

This marks the first page of Miguelito's Clubhouse. I would like you to feel welcome. Hopefully he will not bite you on the neck/arms. If you are not familiar with Miguelito, you are probably "one of them" ie: one of the people whom have not seen the original movie, but are involved with the remake. "Weenies" for short.
This was posted in the window of the Thornhill mall's upstairs office. Basically a heads up to the pathetic stores that are still left at this "dead" mall. The most pathetic tenant of all would have to be the psychotherapy office located on the top floor. Especially the "weenie" from said office that notified security that we were out on the public patio located beside their office. SMMFD.

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