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Welcome. Dawn of the Dead. A great film. Dawn of the Dead the remake? Up until visiting the set I had my doubts. But after seeing the set first hand, I became excited. I emailed all of the pictures to Lauren who became equally excited. We were excited! There are several webpages out there currently with images from the set, but I feel that this one is different. Why? Well because I am making this one, and I am here to tell you that this film is gonna be great. No I have not read the script, but I have heard a few things, and of course seen a few things.

Point is: This site will only help the popularity of the film. Wetnwildradio.com and Rayza.net are other sites that are only interested in promoting this film. Why? Because we love Dawn of the Dead and Zombies. Oh, and we love Tom Savini. I really cant say much else, except enjoy the images, and if you're gonna spew.. spew into this..

Oh. The Authors.
Well I am AJ. Check out my website below for info. I like toys, midgets, and buffy.
Dave: Well he likes dogs, biking around, working out, pissing ebay people off.
Griff aka Mola Ram: He likes.. being from Australia, his grandma, Wendys, horror movies, and arcade emulators.
'Zombie Girl' Lauren: likes AJ, being smart, buffy, coffee icecream, Spyros K, cats (not dogs), and is proud to be an american..

Some links...
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Dave's Livejournal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/el_ahrairah/
Griff's page: http://www.kingfrat.com/
AJ's Morbid Site (of love): http://www.fu-manchu.com/morbidaj
AJ's Journal (of love): http://www.livejournal.com/users/morbidaj/
A horrific site of the flesh eating zombos: Zombo.com
The greatest band in the world. Fu Manchu
Randall 'Tex' Cobb's imdb.com entry

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